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World Of Warcraft Children’s 3D LED Night Light


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1.Brightness increase

2.Brightness decrease

3.Switch off

4.switch on

5.color selection-static color

6.Flash -colors keep alternating automatically

7.Strobe -a flash of 16 colors like disco lights

8. Fade -light fade in and out of 16 colors automatically.

9.Smooth -colors changing in slow motion.

Now we are describing 7 colors touch sensor functions.
16 colors have more functions base on 7 colors(see the remote controller description).

It has 7 colors single red/green/blue/cyan/yellow/purple/white and one flashing mode(automatically change colors).

It is a touch sensor control base. Change colors by touch. 7 colors single and flashing mode change in turn. Keep touch in 3 seconds to turn off.

It can be powered by micro USB cable(cable included but no adapter) or 3*AA battery(battery not included).

The decoration on your Children’s Room/Bedroom/Office/Study place/Living room/Wherever you want.


Product Size

Measures approx. : 200*140*5mm USB Cable:950mm Base size:85*35mm

Package Contents:

1 x Acrylic Panel

1 x Micro USB Power Cable

1 x 3D LED Night Lamp Basement

World Of Warcraft Children's 3D LED Night Light


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