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New Neoprene Anti Snore Stop Snoring Chin Strap Belt

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Comfortable & Adjustable Snoring Chin Strap– Made With Soft And Comfortable Fabric. After receiving the package, please hang this strap in airy place to de-odor because of the material.

Comfortable During Sleeping: keep your chin and ears out of chin strap, greatly to avoid the restriction of the strap, breathing and no side effects. One size fits all, adjust straps in chin and neck back.

Easy to Use: simply sling it over your face around your chin and neck. The snoring stopper stops snoring by holding your jaw firmly in place. Greatly prevent tongue and throat from falling back and blocking the airway.


It is made of 100% Neoprene for your comfort. The strap at the top of the head allows for a one size fits all design. For many, proper jaw support during sleep will allow for a pleasant nights sleep!

The SNORE BELT works for people that snore with their mouth open. It provides help with Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Teeth Grinding, Bruxism & TMJ Pain by properly positioning your jaw. Some Common Effects of Sleep Apnea if left Untreated:

High Blood Pressure


Heart Failure, Irregular Heartbeats, Heart Attack


Material: Neoprene

Color: Blue or Black

Width: About 6cm Length: About 54-68cm (Adjustable)

Net Weight: 50g

Package includes: A Snore Belt

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Sleep & Snoring

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Anti Snore Chin Strap