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Mosquito Killer for Baby Bedroom


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The photocatalyst mosquito killer is a new generation of highly efficient and environmentally friendly mosquito trap, which uses mosquitoes to light up, flies with the air, and is sensitive to temperature and carbon dioxide (human breath), and has the habit of gathering and searching for sex pheromones. It uses the mosquito lamp tube to touch the light catalyst (photocatalytic reaction), simulate the human breath to induce mosquito, the lamp tube makes the mosquito induced mosquito spectrum and temperature, the fan produces the weak wind, lures the mosquitoes and inhale the mosquito box, and dehydrated the mosquitoes. At the same time, photocatalytic reaction can also purify the air and benefit human health.

Usage method

1. Insert the power plug into the power socket and switch on the power switch.
2, when not in use, cut off the power and pull the power plug.
3, before cleaning up the mosquito storage room, pull out the plug of the power cord first, then remove the mosquito chamber, clean out the residue and reload it.
4, in the home use, as long as the mosquito control time is arranged a few hours before sleep, and when to sleep, mosquitoes are basically cleared, can be turned off or moved to other rooms. If there are more indoor furniture, the time to kill mosquitoes is different, and the mosquito killing time may be longer.
5, when the office, business place or field is used, mosquito eradication devices can be opened in the evening, and the mosquitoes can be basically eliminated after the night lights are turned off.
6. Do not pull the power away immediately after catching the mosquito. Let the fan continue to run until the mosquito dehydrated and dried to death.
7, when killing flies, they can put sweets and bait in the mosquito chamber, and kill them with lighting and odor traps and air inhalation.

Additional information

Pest Type

Mosquitoes, Flies

Rated Voltage


Repellent Type

Electric Mosquito Coils


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